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Every semester, Business and Accounting Department will organize many activities particularly for the accounting students. Activities or programs that have been carried out comprise of motivation, sport, dinner and so much more. One of the beneficial programs conducted in 2009 was “Gemilang Jaya” program which was purposed to prepare the students towards stepping into a new world or planning for their own bright future after receiving their diploma soon. Here are the details of “Gemilang Jaya” program:


     These days, there are a lot of opportunities that can be grabbed by graduated students since the great development of our country in providing broad opportunities in the field of occupation and education. Therefore, graduated students have to actively participate in grabbing these opportunities.

    In order to assist graduated students of Mara Professional College Indera Mahkota in searching and exploring job and education opportunities available in this country, Jabatan Perakaunan and Perniagaan with Unit Kaunseling dan Kerjaya would like to organize Program Gemilang Jaya 2009.

     The purpose of this program is to assist graduated students in getting themselves prepared in facing future challenge either to seek for a job or furthering study to the higher level. Hopefully, this kind of program will help the graduated students to face challenge and obstacles in deciding which way they should go for right after getting their diploma soon.

     Apart from that, this program is also focusing to the weak DIA students especially those who achieved the CGPA which is less than 2.33. Some LDK activities have been planned thoroughly to help these students to master their subjects especially accounting subjects.

      Hopefully, this program will successfully achieve the actual purpose of producing excellent DIA students.


The details regarding the date, venue and target of “Gemilang Jaya” program are as follow:

DATE      : 31st OCT 2009 - 1st NOV 2009
TARGET : Semester 3, 4 and 5 DIA students (KPMIM)

*The total of the students participated for this programs are 131 students

Besides that, this program is organized by these two departments:

Other than that, this program is organized based on these following objectives:

§      Preparing program for last semester students in preparing themselves in stepping forward either in educational or occupation field.
§      Train the students in preparing resume and application letter as well as the importance of doing these two things.
§      To expose the students regarding the correct procedures in applying the job that they want to choose.
§     Provide tips or the correct ways to the students on how to interact in appropriate appearance.
§      Encourage the students to plan their future after getting their diploma and provide job opportunities.
§      Encourage the students to further their study to a higher level.
§     Enhance their understanding especially in accounting subjects through effective LDK activities that have been planned. 
 §    Help the students to identify their weaknesses and problem that faced by them in learning session.

     This program has received a positive feedback by the participants and they are anticipating for such kind of program in the future. All the hard work of every individual who involved in this program had been paid off because it achieved a great success and brought some useful inputs and strong spirit towards the students particularly. More great programs and activities are still in progress and will be held soon in order to please the students and at the same time fulfill their free time with beneficial activities.

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